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The Many Layers of Life

I have been called Bobby and Barbie and Barb.

I have been called Honey and Dear and Babe.

I have been Mom and Mother and stock clerk and boss

And sales clerk and owner and broker and aide.

I have climbed mountains and hills and trails.

I have crossed plains, valleys and streams.

I have seen heat and eclipse and sunshine and rain

And star light and dark nights and streaking moon beams.

I have been to Mexico, Central America and Greece,

Swam bays of tropical islands and experienced DC.

I have crossed oceans, seas a dessert and the Gulf,

And traversed Nova Scotia, the Yukon and much of BC.

I have known love and happiness and grief.

I have known heartache and passion and joy.

I have known thrift and riches and success and loss,

And fear and disappointment at life's surprising ploys.


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