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Flying high into the sky,

Soaring free you and I.

Look about over the earth,

Higher and higher we can fly.


Toward the sun, sparkling pools,

Ponds and streams reflecting light.

Diamonds set into the earth

To enhance the pleasure of our flight.


Emerald green fields,

Grays and blacks and browns

Pass below in beautiful patterns

As we travel on above the ground.


A city rises and beckons to us,

We pass it by through the haze,

Into distance passing faster,

Yet time slowed in deliberate laze.


The joy of flight takes my breath,

My heart sings with rapture.

A sense of freedom rising above

All cares and I want to capture


The rush of liftoff,

The thrill of flight,

To hold to me closely

In my dreams tonight.

Barbara Dunton


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