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New Year - Remembering New Life



I bore a tiny son,

An extension of me.

No longer was I one.

How could this miracle be?


The rush of his mouth upon my breast,

The warm little hand nestled

Against my skin, my heart,

He sleeps, my fears depart.


He grew from a tiny cell.

I am in awe.

Deep within me all is well

Doubts of my purpose gone.


But now he is a man.

Out in the world in his own land.

Does he need me still?

Oh no, for he has his own will.


But our oneness is eternal.

Our love always abounds.

We will always be connected

In life and death it will be found.



When you were little, I kissed your sweet mouth,

Watched swings and toys take over the house,


Fussed over your hair and bathed and creamed,

‘Till your round little body was smooth and clean.


I knew each little crease of legs and arms,

Was totally enchanted by your smiles and charms.


I soothed your hurts and shared your tears,

Held you close to assuage your fears.


All through the years as you changed and grew,

Absorbed like a sponge and expanded, I knew


Your dependency on me was limited by time,

As you developed your style, yet still mimicked mine.


Slowly we parted, like a cell, and became two.

Slowly, you started your separate life anew.


Now that you’re grown, so lovely and wise,

I bask in the love I see in your eyes.


I relish times together, fulfilling and warm,

And succumb, once again, to your smiles and your charm.



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