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I would like to be a frog

If my legs just had more spring.

I would like to be a bird

If my arms acted more like wings.


I would like to be a dolphin

If I could hold my breath.

I would like to be a wart hog.

My friends would laugh themselves to death.


A frog can jump and swim,

And he’s such a lovely green.

A bird can soar and dive,

Oh what music when he sings.


A dolphin is smooth and sleek,

All silvery from nose to tail.

A wart hog is dirty and smelly.

My friends would hoot and wail.


In my new wart hog appearance

I could skip wet showers and baths.

In my greasy coarse hair coat

I could walk my own private paths.


With my wicked tusks and grunts

No one would dare get in my way.

As a big fat burly wart hog

All my friends would do what I say.


Here I am, a terrific wart hog,

But is that my mother calling me?

I’ll show her right up front

How things are going to be.


Here she comes, what’s that in her hand?

Is that a soapy cloth?

My friends will hoot and yell.

How do I get this soap smell off?


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