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It's good to be back. Missed a couple of weeks, but am now hale and hearty and eager to start this new year. Now you can tell by reading this blog that I trend to the positive, but am jumping onto my soapbox to complain and grumble. Ranting atop a soapbox to anyone who will listen is certainly from the past, no longer a relevant term, but you get the picture.

Packaging! I eat crackers that are boxed in relatively soft cardboard that opens quickly. The flaps can be torn off easily and yet my crackers are protected, whole and undamaged. Most cardboard boxes I struggle to open are as stiff as plastic and the glue used to seal the flaps would hold a 747 together. ? I get something wrapped in plastic and a sharp knife can't pierce it. It won't tear or stretch or give an inch. One can destroy the contents trying to get to them. Don't we need a packaging committee in Washington DC to correct this waste? Oh Good Grief, Washing, DC is smothered now in so many committees trying to make everything right it can't even function. Never mind. I just needed to whine a little.

I posted poetry January 3rd amazing at the birth of my children. My children who came together over the holidays to spend a glorious week together, together for the first time since losing their sister. Life, rife with sorrow, anxiety and fear, also brings us great adventure, discovery and best of all love. I celebrate the good in my life and am grateful for the abundant love that flows to me daily. I find things to whine about now and then, but I continue to be positive and choose to Look Up.


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